What coaching is and what it is not...

What is coaching?

Coaching can mean different things to different people. For me, coaching is forward-looking and focuses on the future. My coaching philosophy is simple - I am here to help you succeed. Succeed in whatever you want to do. I just make sure you can achieve that success. I support individuals and organizations to get unstuck, move forward, access opportunities, grow, and develop. As a consultant and coach, I bring technical skills, tools, frameworks, and resources to my coaching practice that help individuals and organizations look at the problem from a new lens. I help you use a systems change approach to your work - we dig deep to find the true problem we are solving - and then work from there to ensure our foundation is strong. My job is to motivate you, to help you move through the hurdles, and to help you chart new paths so you can maximize your potential.

Which is the right fit for me? : Coaching | Mentoring | Therapy 

I list the differences between coaching, mentoring, and therapy below. I am equipped and qualified to provide coaching and mentoring. I am not equipped to provide therapy but I can make referrals to individuals in my network, as appropriate. 


Coaching is forward looking, future-oriented. It helps you figure out what is holding you back from achieving your dreams. The next big thing you have your eyes on. We dig deep to identify the saboteurs that are holding you back and then work on them so they become your strengths. 


Mentoring helps you solve the problem you are facing today, now. A mentor gives you advise, guidance, and helps you make sense of the situation you are in today. They can help you navigate your career, chart a plan for the future, and share their life experiences and wisdom with you. 


Therapy focuses on the past and helps you make sense of the experiences you have had. It helps you figure out the role your past plays in your present and future. It helps you figure out coping mechanisms so you can get help with the problems you are facing today. 

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