International Women's Day or the lack off...

Let’s talk about International Women’s Day and the panels/talks/webinars/workshops that were planned for that day. How many of you attended talks, webinars, and workshops on account of International Women's Day? And how many of these were on the role of male allies supporting women?

First, and foremost, why does a day that is focused on recognizing women become about how men support women?! I mean are men that insecure that even on the one day that we want to highlight women's achievements, we must bring men into the conversation and highlight THEIR support of women?! Don't we do enough of it 364 days in a year? Or 365 days in this year’s case?

Second, what's with these self-proclaimed male allies getting on panels and talking about how good they are? I mean don't we, the women, get to decide if a man is an ally or not? How can you men just start praising yourself?!

So, where all my rage and anger is coming from is this webinar that I listened to about male allyship at workplaces that was held on #IWD2024. This webinar from a "highly recognized" institution in India that focuses on the social impact sector was anything but about male allyship. Here's what I heard on the webinar:

I don’t know what has been more fired up – the lack of understanding of what allyship means OR that supposedly reputable organizations with recognized leadership being so crass on a webinar. Coming totally unprepared. Not answering ONE, ONE question that was asked about allyship and instead turning everything into an answer about leadership (and not doing a good job at that). Can we afford to get away with such mediocrity and not be ashamed?  

This webinar was an eye-opener in what lack of preparation looks like. What being self-absorbed is all about. And, what I hope I never do during interviews, podcasts, or community calls that I host.