Women In Power

Women In Power is a 9-week leadership program for women that brings together White and Racialized women to develop an allyship leadership framework focused on lived experiences. It is a safe space to share, network, mentor, and support each other. The goal of Women In Power is to help uplift each other so that whether we are in a room together or not, we are cheering for each other; so that when guidance/mentorship is needed, we have a trusted circle to turn to; so that when traversing tricky situations at work is required, we can navigate together. 

Women In Power is a sacred space for all of us to do inner work by recognizing, honouring, and building upon the lived experiences of others and ourselves. It is a space that lets us be curious and open, so we can stretch our boundaries as much as can/want. 

It is not a space for theoretical speeches. What it is, is a circle to find answers to tough questions that work for each of us individually; fully recognizing that each person’s answer will be different. 

At the end of 9-weeks, we will have a toolbox of resources, practices, stories, and narratives that will help us continue our journey of inner work. We will also have a community of powerful women. 

Intrigued? Interested in learning more? Ready to join? Great! 

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