Story about games and giving...

Do you play games on your phone? Or on consoles? Or in the water like this elephant? I play only one or two games on my phone. Mostly games that are not team dependent and ones that force me to think and not just click buttons. One such game I play requires me to "give" lives to other people when they ask for it. And I love that part of the game. I feel like I'm helping someone get on with their game. Advance another level. Feel happy. All in the virtual world. I don't even know who I am helping. 

Often times I wonder what would it be if we did this in real life. What if we became an ally to someone, gave them a hand up, supported them through challenging situations, gave them a "life"? I started doing this in earnest last year by offering women of colour free job search help. If they told me what sort of jobs they were looking for, I would send them stuff that came across the desk. If they asked for resume review, I would do that. If they wanted mock interviews, they got it. I basically said I will do whatever I can to help you get your next job. By commiting to supporting women in this manner, I could tap into my existing knowledge, areas of strength, power, and connections. I was happy to see other women succeed. I felt kinship with them in ways I haven't in the past. Some of these were women I have known for decades and some were unknown. Just tapping into the unconditional support I was offering. 

I am turning this into something bigger. Something that intentionally brings women of different races together to discuss their life experiences. Something that creates kinship and allyship. Something that helps women tap into their own powers because we all have powers and superpowers. If you are curious what that is, read about Women In Power. Want to learn more, reach out to me. Schedule time to chat. Drop me a note. Choose your mode of communication and let's get talking