The story of philanthropy, people, and procurement...

The idea of powerXprivilege came about as I got interested in redefining power and privilege. It got me studying to understand how I can use my power and privilege to advance others. As I looked at the intersection of the two, equity and belonging stood out to me. I wanted to learn, discern, and utilize the tools of equity and belonging in my professional AND personal life.

Philanthropy: Having a career in the social impact sector made it obvious for me to try and implement principles of equity and belonging in the philanthropic sector. I am creating tools and frameworks that begin with relationship building, then move on to unlearning, learning, relearning, decolonizing, and end with trust and partnerships.

People: Having created education and training programs for racialized and equity-seeking groups for nearly 20 years meant that I had to apply principles of equity and belonging to people. I am passionate about helping women reach their full potential. So, I created Women In Power. Women In Power is an allyship leadership practice that brings together lived experiences of white and racialized women.

Procurement: Any time money exchanges hands, there is power. Any time money is used to buy something, there is privilege. This is one area I have the least expertise in, but I am most curious about. Some of the questions I am exploring answers to are: how can powerXprivilege bring about equity and belonging in procurement processes? What does this mean for small- and mid-sized businesses? What does it mean for small- and mid-sized vendors? How do we operationalize equity and belonging?

So, as I study what powerXprivilege means, I invite you to come along.

Let's connect so we can engage in thought partnership and brainstorming, uncovering and discovering, unlearning and re-learning!